asking for help

Society teaches us not to show our weaknesses, so we learn to stay quiet. It takes great courage to reach out and ask for help. It can also save us.

  • Choose a safe person to approach someone you trust, someone who likes you and understands you.talkBubble
  • Make an appointment it doesnt have to be formal, just ask for a time and a place when there wont be any interruptions or distractions.
  • Be prepared give some thought to what you want to say so there wont be any misunderstandings.  Write it down if you think that will help.
  • Think about what you would like to get out of the conversation if you have any ideas about what might relieve your situation, let the person know.
  • Bring a friend, if you feel the need it can help you feel supported and make it easier for you to ask for help.
  • Be honest.
  • Listen to what the person has to say this person cares about you and wants you to feel better.congratulate
  • Congratulate yourself on having the courage to ask for help.
If you choose a person who doesnt believe you or doesnt want to listen, look immediately for somebody else. Not everyone reacts well to people asking for help. Not everyone knows what to say. Its not your fault. Keep trying until you find the help you need.

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